Plug-Ins for Omix


A number of plug-ins extend Omix with additional visualization features:

  • The Structural Formula Plug-In equips metabolites with a chemical structure that can be displayed in the network diagram.
  • The Cumovis Plug-In visualizes the atomic layer of a metabolic network in 3D. It allows to inspect the atom mappings of all reactions entirely. The atomic layer can be substructured and atom path tracing can be performed. Furthermore, the isotopomer network is computed from the atom mappings and visualized as well as the cumomer cascade (Weitzel et al. 2007).
  • The Fluxomix3D Visualization Plug-In uses the third dimension to visualize sensitivities and (co)variances in metabolic networks. Furthermore, the net fluxes as well as the exchange fluxes (reaction velocities) are visualized simultaneously. The Fluxomix3D Visualization Plug-In is specialized for the visualization of 13CFLUX2 simulator output data. Therefore, it is only available for 13CFLUX2 licensees.

Chemical Structures
Chemical Structure Visualization

Atom path tracing in Cumovis

Fluxomix3D Visualization