MVideo Plug-In

The MVideo Plug-In allows to export animations on Omix to AVI video files by using MEncoder.

Initial Configuring

MVideo strictly requires the installation of MEncoder on your computer because it cannot render videos without this utility program. Get a working installation of MEncoder from http://www.mplayerhq.hu. On Linux systems, you usually can install mencoder via package management system. For other platforms binary distributions are listed here: http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/projects.html. While writing this wiki page, a working built of mencoder for Windows has been found on http://data.netfast.org/downloadse.html.

After getting a working installation of MEncoder and installation of the MVideo Plug-In in Omix, you must first tell the plug-in where to find the MEncoder program. Therefore, open the Omix configuration dialog (go to menu Extra -> Configure; on OS X go to menu Omix -> Preferences). Select the list entry "MVideo". Here, you must specify the path to the mencoder executable. After selecting a valid path, the version of the mencoder built is displayed.

Configuring mencoder
Configuring mencoder

Using MVideo

After successful configuration, the MVideo plug-in can be used.
In Omix, you can create animated data visualization by using the OVL control element "Player" (see User Manual for more details). The Player accessory also allows to record the animation. Here, the MVideo Plug-In allows to export the animation as AVI video. Therefore, select the format entry AVI Video (*.avi) in the record preferences dialog:

Exporting to AVI video
Exporting to AVI video