Powerpoint Export Plug-In

The Poiwerpoint Export Plug-In allows to export Omix diagrams to Powerpoint® files.

Export of Images

After installation you can find this feature when saving a drawing to image (menu File -> Save Image).
The file dialog provides the entries Powerpoint (*ppt) and Powerpoint (*pptx) in the list of supported file types. By selecting one of these target file formats, the diagram is exported to a file that can be loaded by Microsoft Powerpoint.

Selecting powerpoint as export format
Selecting powerpoint as export format

The Powerpoint file will contain one slide with equal size as the diagram has in Omix. Each component on the drawing area is realized as polynomial shape item on the slide. Even transparent areas are supported.

Export of Animations

You can create animated data visualization with Omix by using the OVL control element "Player" (see User Manual for more details). The Player accessory also allows to record the animation. Here, the Powerpoint Export Plug-In allows to export an animation in a series of Powerpoint slides in one file. Therefore, select the PPT or PPTX format in the record preferences dialog:

Animation export properties
Animation export properties

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