SSH Access Plug-In

The SSH Access Plug-In extends Omix with the capability to load files from/store files to a remote storage via SSH protocol (Secure Shell). Furthermore, the plug-in is required by the 13CFLUX2 Launcher Plug-In for accessing 13CFLUX2 on a remote server. SSH is the standard communication protocol on Linux- and Unix-based operation systems and usually supported by default on OS X and all Linux systems.
For windows-based systems the SSH Access Plug-In can be installed to manage remote file access via SSH.

When the plug-in is installed, you can write an URL beginning with ssh:// or fish:// followed by the server name or IP address in a file dialog in order to get access to the remote file.

Example URLs:



If the remote computer is password protected, a password dialog appears where you must enter your valid credentials.

If the remote computer is protected by public+private key encryption you must be sure that the remote ssh server knows your public key. Therefore, open the Omix configuration dialog (go to menu Extra -> Configure; on OS X go to menu Omix -> Preferences). Select the list entry "SSH Properties". Here, you can specify your private identity key to be used for SSH communication. If no key is available, you can create a new one. Make sure that the public key (suffix *.pub) is copied to the remote computer.

Configuring SSH keys
Configuring SSH keys