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In this blog, current information about Omix is published.

Omix 2.0 Released

droste Friday June 19, 2020
We are excited to announce the release of Omix 2.0, the brand new version of our powerful visualization tool.

Omix 2.0 screenshot
Omix 2.0 screenshot

Omix 2 brings new features as for instance but not limited to:

  • multiple diagrams
  • new item types
  • guidelines
  • a new scripting language
  • high DPI monitor capable
  • improved plug-in API
  • improved performance and stability
  • available for Windows, macOS and Linux

Read more about Omix 2.0 in our feature sheet and the revised user manual.
Download the new version here or update your installed version.

Omix 1.9.2 released

droste Tuesday July 5, 2016

The next patch of Omix 1.9 brings a couple of minor bug fixes. Especially a crash when editing synonyms was fixed.

Omix 1.9.1 out now!

droste Monday June 27, 2016

Omix 1.9.1 is the first bug fix release of our new software version 1.9. There were some problems with scene updating after certain changes and with node selection while labels are hidden. Also in some situations edge and pathway shapes could have been miscalculated. These problems are fixed now. Also a couple of minor bugs have been removed from OVL engine and Quick Visualizer. Update to Omix 1.9.1 now!

Omix 1.9 released

droste Monday May 23, 2016
We are proud to announce the new Omix 1.9 being a big step in evolution of our visualization software. Omix 1.9.0 is the result of one year of intensive development.
We thank our customers and collaborators for all the feedback that helped us to develop this version being at the cutting edge in terms of current requirements in the life sciences. Thank you very much!
Read more about the improvements of Omix 1.9 here: What's new in Omix 1.9. In order to update from Omix 1.8 to 1.9 we recommend to uninstall 1.8 and do a fresh installation of Omix 1.9.
Screenshot of Omix 1.9
Screenshot of Omix 1.9

We are still busy with documentation of all the new features. Thus, user manual, API docs and wiki pages will be updated step by step during the next weeks.

Omix supporting SBML Layout

droste Tuesday April 28, 2015
Today, we release a new version of SBML Import /Export Plug-In now supporting the layout package as well as full support for importing kinetic models and constraints. The plug-in now allows to export and import layouts (i.e. positioning information) for biochemical networks. Furthermore, the import process is now capable to interpret kinetic models including reaction kinetics, function definitions, rules and events.

Omix 1.8.12 released

droste Wednesday February 25, 2015
Today we release Omix 1.8.12. This new version provides a new color editor dialog. You can upgrade your local Omix installation incrementally or use the installer from the website.


Omix 1.8.11 released

droste Friday January 30, 2015
Omix 1.8.11 brings a couple of bug fixes. You can upgrade your local Omix installation incrementally or use the installer from the website.