Example Features

Semi-Automatic Layout

In the context of metabolic networks, we are concerned with historically established conventions for network layout. Biologists have these familiar layouts in mind when they draw networks inspired by popular biochemical text books.

When simulated and experimental data has to be visualized in a network context, the established layout conventions must be obeyed in order to increase the readability. Following established layout conventions facilitates rapid orientation. The human observer can concentrate on the essential quantitative or structural information related to the network. This makes discussion of, for instance, measurement values visualized in a metabolic network diagram much more efficient.

A crutial gap of today's visualization tools for biochemical networks is to support the traditional textbook layout of metabolic pathways. Automatic layout solutions fail at this point. On the other hand, manual network drawing is very time-consuming.

Omix supports the human drawing activities by many features of semi-automatic layout specialized to metabolic networks. By this, Omix saves time and leads to well readable pathway diagrams of high quality.