Plug-Ins for Omix

Input & Output

Input & Output Plug-Ins

Model In- and Output

Many plug-ins are available building a compatibility layer between Omix and simulators as well as databases:

Data Input

For data visualization, Omix provides a central window component, the data manager. The user can create own visualization approaches defining how data from the data manager shall be represented in the diagram. Since data might be available in specific file formats, a number of plugins exist, that allow to load different file formats into the data manager:

Visualization Output

Network diagrams can be exported to various visual output formats:

  • By default, Omix can export following image formats*:
    • BMP - Windows Bitmap
    • JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
    • PNG - Portable Network Graphics
    • PPM - Portable Pixmap
    • TIFF - Tagged Image File Format
    • XPM - X11 Pixmap
    Furthermore, diagrams can be exported to the vector-based SVG format and the page-based PDF format.
  • With the Powerpoint Export Plug-In network diagrams can be exported to Powerpoint® slides.
  • The SWF Export Plug-In allows to export Flash animations.
  • With the MVideo Plug-In Omix has capabilities to export animated data visualization to AVI videos.

* The set of supported image formats can be extended depending on the platform because Omix is able to find and utilize additional image processing libraries of the operation system.

File Access

The SSH Access and the CIFS Access plug-ins allow to load remote documents via SSH and the CIFS (Windows file share) protocol, respectively.