Visualization Examples

Animation of Time-Dependent Multi-Omics Data

The video shows the visualization of dynamic changes in the network by animation. The network starts in a steady state until it is triggered by a substrate pulse. The pulse causes a dynamic response of the concentrations, fluxes and regulatory influences all over the network. Temporal changes of all state variables in the network can be followed over time in the amination.

Metabolite concentrations are visualized by mapping to the color fill level of the metabolite symbols. Velocity of the reactions is shown by the fill level of the reaction symbols which changes pie-chart-like. Furthermore, the flux strength is indicated by the line width of the connecting arrows. In analogy to the reaction rates, the regulatory strength is mapped to the line width of the red and green connections indicating network regulation.

Since the visualization tool allows hiding information in the network diagram, the visualization can be displayed in a higher abstraction level. IN the second half of the video, everything in the network is hidden except for the pathways. The pathway shape can also be used for information visualization because reactions can have influence on the pathway's local appearance. The contour around a reaction can be thinned. By this, the visualization of information connected with metabolic reactions can be performed in a network-wide, abstract view.

For more details about the example refer Droste 2011. The OVL script performing the here presented visualization consists of 126 lines of code and is introduced as extended, commented example program in the OVL Technical Specification.