Visualization Examples

Visualization of Isotopic Mass Distributions

The present visualization example extends the visualization principle of previous example with ratios of isotope labeling states. Therefore, each metabolite is equipped with an array of additional items. These single graphical items appear as circles beside their corresponding metabolite symbol. Each circle in the array represents one of the n+1 different masses of the metabolite. The ratio of each labeling state in the overall-concentration of the metabolite is visualized by a pie-chart-like change of the items' fill level.

The visualization shows a small in silico organism containing several metabolites and reactions composed to a small example network. The network starts with an input at the top and ends with two outputs bottom left. In analogy to the previous example, metabolite concentrations are mapped to the color fill level of the metabolites and flux rates are indicated by the width of the connections.

Starting the animation, the dynamics of the system stimulated with a labeling pulse from the top of the network can be tracked. This pulse causes a network wide change of substance concentrations, flux rates and concentration rates of labeling states. For more details about the example refer Droste 2009.